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Dreamworld Amusement Park brings an experience of unlimited activities that appeal to the imaginations and spirits of all ages. Over one hundred games, activities and attractions awaits you, including 30m Ferris Wheel, bumper cars, Big Roller coaster, Space travel, Flying Saucer, Trampolines, Arcades, Virtual Reality games,  karaoke bar and  Mario lounge all under one roof.


Our vision is to provide a safe, clean, wonderful world of family entertainment… a world where parents and children, teenagers and young adults could join in a fun environment that is not affected by the seasons and filled with lively activities. To learn more about our family fun centre or if you’d like to host one of your parties at our venue, please feel free to contact us today!

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Dreamworld Amusement Park has a huge selection of rides, games, activities and dining to appeal to all ages.

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Take refuge in our park and away from the crowds.

Our park safety

  • Guest Safety

     Health & Safety Rules in the Amusement Park

  • Listen to the ride operator’s instructions
  • Know your health condition before taking the ride
  • Stay in your seat to stay safe
  • Strap and belt carefully
  • Relax your nerves and enjoy the rides
  • Never stand up while a ride is in motion
  • Do not force anyone on scary ride e.g. space travel and roller coaster
  • Follow up posted signs
  • No arm(s), weapon (s) and pets (animals of any kind) is allowed within the park
  • outside food and beverages are NOT permitted in the park
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Be kindly informed of the following:

Tips For Family Fun

Tips For Maximizing Family Fun At Dreamworld Amusement Park

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We’re Here To Help

Did you lose an item or valuable during your time at the park? If a member of our team or another guest found it, there’s a chance that they turned it in to our guest relations team. We will do our best to find your belongings and get them returned to you.


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space travel

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